A moment in time, the rhythm of marks, the magic of seeing a relationship for the first time, the running of all the energy one can muster in the moment of seeing and discovery.


The Ethereal World Series

The Ethereal world Series is what I am working on currently it’s born out of the Covid experience suddenly everything is different, fears of being infected, the unknown, the future, the present , but time stood still but not at all. I start doing a bunch of quick abstract paintings on paper looking for a new way to see this new world. After a few months I started paying more attention to my daily routine of sitting on my porch at various times of day observing the woods around me and the small changes that I had time to witness. I was really not interested in painting some illustrative depiction I wanted to find more of an emotional abstract interpretation. “Ethereal” can be about a feeling light, air, emotion, a whisper, heavenly, supernatural, surreal … I am taking the word Ethereal in more of a Poetic sense which would allow for the light, airy and the heavenly as well as the breathless, darkness and melancholy without one you cannot understand the other I see this series as an exploration of my emotions related to the landscape and the world around me which is not limited to just trees, plants and definable objects but also changing world / planet that we are inhabiting.

COVID Paintings

In 2020 all are lives were shaken, life as we knew it changed, fears, confusion, unrest and apprehension affected us all. As this turbulent times played out I started trying to search for a new direction for my paintings that addressed the energies I was feeling. I need to paint quickly and get my thoughts out working on paper gave me an expedient way to do that. As the months went by these Covid painting led me into the current series I have been working The Ethereal world.


Ice Glen Series

The “Ice Glen series” is a group of Plein air painting I have done over a span of two or so years. During this period I completed around thirty plus painting in this beautiful valley in Stockbridge Massachusetts. For me painting in location is a all encompassing experience, you’re in a field, the heat – cold- wind- clouds-hum of insects- smells of grasses – flower – the ever changing light – shadows moving – colors – dull –bright- saturated everything whirls around you it take all your focus and concentration to try to capture with paint a little of that magic event. For myself it’s not about realism or a illustration of what I am seeing it’s more about trying to capture that energy of life that I am witnessing in that moment of time.

Pieces of the Planet Series

The constructions / paints are born in one primary event, then over several weeks / months slowly refined to the finished piece. Most of the time my references are from the materials I am working with. Each material, such as paper, wax, paint, pigment, and bits of wood, create textures, colors, shapes and lines which lead on a path of discovering various visual relationships. The found objects such as bits of plastic, fabric, rope….. I pick up when walking primarily on the beaches of Cape Cod. I am disturbed by the debris washed up on our beaches, so the use of these pieces is a partial comment on man’s lack of caring about his environment. The other aspect is a reuse – finding the beauty of shape, color or texture, and then using that as I make the construction.


Turbulence Series

The turbulence series imagery is loosely based around the primordial world found in swamps and other places affected by the movement of water, wind and environmental events. This is where life begins and ends; sometimes quietly and sometimes with an explosion of energy. I am currently creating most of my paintings out of plaster, clay, various types of fibers, raw pigments and sometimes found objects. These materials were chosen for their sculptural properties, which provide the ability to build the surface textures that interest me. Like an archaeological excavation, these bits of bone, wood, and other objects reveal what is left of the past, and relate to the passing of lives and bits of memories of what once was. The use of fibers in the plaster creates a pulling – a series of lines that hold things together, but also a pulling apart of the surfaces, much like the way our lives are affected by the passing of a loved one.

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